Each of our location vehicles have been individually designed, each one being unique, professionally custom built, from the chassis upwards, painstakingly thought out at every stage of their build, which in total take some five or six months to complete, to accommodate every need, whether it be for a photographic shoot or as a production office. Utilizing our wealth of experience, second to none, they are state of the art, comprehensively equipped with spacious working areas, a very generous amount of worktops / desktops, shelving and have extremely comfortable seating for up to eight passengers, essential for photographic teams travelling to those far away locations.

Culminating Alan and Derek's past combined sixty years of experience, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we had built, The Mega Truck. It is our largest and most prestigious vehicle and was built to surpass anything we had built before, to the highest possible specifications, regardless of cost and of course to keep up with the times and clients ever increasing expectations. Wheal's Far-Go had raised the bar yet again.